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Vietnam’s homo-PP market plunges to lowest since 2009

  • 02.04.2020

Will Taiwanese major roll over November PVC offers?

  • 23.10.2019

Mobil Duyuru Default Paket

  • 19.11.2018

Mobil Duyuru Dil Türkçe Haber EN 17

  • 19.11.2018

Thai producer lowers PP, PS offers to Vietnam

  • 14.11.2018

Asian PS markets plummet to around 2-month low, eyes on styrene

  • 06.07.2018

Thailand seeks to expand investments in Vietnam

  • 26.12.2016

vietnam PE

  • 03.11.2016

PP’s price gains outpace PE in Asia and Mid-East

  • 15.03.2016

Taiwanese major announces April PVC prices to Asia

  • 15.03.2016

Buyers in Southeast Asia complain of tight LLDPE supplies

  • 14.03.2016

Vietnam revises customs duties on PP imports

  • 11.03.2016

Further PS, ABS hikes from another Taiwanese producer in SEA

  • 10.03.2016

Taiwanese producer lifts HIPS prices, halts GPPS offers to Asia

  • 08.03.2016

Taiwanese producer issues further ABS, PS hikes to SE Asia

  • 03.03.2016

SE Asian producer announces March PP, LDPE prices to Malaysia

  • 25.02.2016

SEA producer reveals March LDPE prices to regional markets

  • 25.02.2016

Further PS, ABS hikes from Asian producers to SE Asia

  • 25.02.2016

Taiwanese major announces March PVC prices to Asia

  • 23.02.2016

Middle Eastern PP, PE prices announced higher to SEA

  • 23.02.2016

Chinese trader: Export PET prices firm up

  • 22.02.2016

Asian PS makers seek price hikes after holidays

  • 19.02.2016

SE Asian players: Import LLDPE supply is tight

  • 18.02.2016

Asian PS markets open post-holiday period on firmer note

  • 18.02.2016

Vietnamese players receive firmer Mid-Eastern PP prices

  • 16.02.2016

172 record found.
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