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test 25252525v -ICE June Brent crude was down 90 cents to settle at $70.83/barrel on Thursday.

ICE June Brent crude was down 90 cents to settle at $70.83/barrel on Thursday.

  • 12.04.2019

test byz - June Brent crude fell 90 cents to $70.83/bbl Thursday

ICE June Brent crude was down 90 cents to settle at $70.83/barrel on Thursday...

  • 12.04.2019

March PVC outlook under discussion in Europe

February has become a month of rollovers in most cases despite the pressure from comfortable supplies and muted demand. Players are now discussing whether an upturn is possible in March based on a series of firm indicators while others still see a rebound early...

  • 18.02.2019

LLDPE moves below €1000/ton in Europe, eyes on awaited US PE cargoes

In Europe, LDPE and LLDPE prices continued to hover at around their multi-year lows as the downward trend of PE was extended into 2019 with January prices witnessing decreases of €20 -€40/ton. Lingering holiday lull and overall ample supplies kept trading thin...

  • 17.01.2019

Europe’s PET market extends falls despite Indorama’s force majeure

In Europe, the PET bottle market has extended its downward trend that kicked off by around mid-September. In spite of a force majeure declaration from Indorama, local prices started December with a fresh round of small declines amid lower feedstock costs and thin demand...

  • 06.12.2018

Supply woes from Europe push Turkey’s PVC market cautiously up


  • 15.11.2018

BREAKING NEWS: Vestolit declares FM on PVC production from Germany

vestolit declares FM on PVC production from Germanyestolit declares FM on PVC production from Germany

  • 14.11.2018

Will lower propylene cast shadow on European PP sellers’ hike intentions ?

In Europe, PP sellers already shared their intention to stand firm on their new PP offers for November regardless of lower upstream costs. Since propylene contracts have recently settled lower for November, players are now discussing whether or not the PP market will defy the propylene’s outcome...

  • 01.11.2018

European PET posts double-digit decreases for October

In Europe, the downward trend in the spot PET market that kicked off by around mid-September has been extended into October. October deals have been closed with decreases of €40-50/ton while cumulative decreases have reached up to €80/ton since September

  • 18.10.2018

FLASH RESİMLİ EN :European PS hits 6-month high; expectations weaken for October

In Europe, the €65/ton higher styrene settlement for September offset relatively weaker demand and PS prices have recently reached their highest levels not seen since late March. Players are now voicing their expectations of seeing a downturn...

  • 28.09.2018

SABIC lifts FM on butadiene supply from Wilton

The reason behind the unplanned outage and force majeure declaration was linked to an undisclosed equipment failure.

  • 24.09.2018

PP markets continue to outperform PE in major regions

In global polyolefin markets, PP prices have continued to display a stronger performance than PE in September...

  • 21.09.2018

European LDPE market retains downward trend on ongoing length

In Europe, spot LDPE film prices have maintained their downward trend recently as the market continues to face pressure from ample supplies and unsupportive demand...

  • 18.09.2018

EN Latest 5

EN Latest 5

  • 10.08.2018

European PET yields to discounts on competitive offers from Asia

In Europe’s local PET market, regional producers have mostly wrapped up their July businesses with rollovers from June. However, local prices in the spot market have seen some softening since...

  • 30.07.2018

European Recycled Grades Update

he R-PET market resumed its firmer path this month after a mostly stable trend registered in May on the back of limited supply...

  • 27.06.2018

PP sellers’ hike attempts for May under discussion in Europe

In Europe, initial PP offers are emerging for May with increases mostly matching the hike achieved in propylene contracts while some players question whether...

  • 03.05.2018

Styrene extends bearish trend in Asia; Europe and US follow suit

Despite a heavy maintenance season in the March-May period, Asia’s styrene market took a downward turn at the end of February right after hitting a one-year high while spot prices have cumulatively lost $...

  • 19.03.2018

Relatively larger PP hikes obtained in West Europe than in Italy

After initial hikes targets of up to €80/ton were trimmed down for February, PP sellers in Northwest Europe have achieved increases of...

  • 19.02.2018

ABS markets remain indifferent to bullish ACN costs in Asia, Europe

ABS prices both in Europe and Asia are expected to remain weak in the near term despite surging spot ACN prices in global markets amid tightness. Spot ACN prices in Asia and Europe have posted respective increases of around...

  • 24.10.2017

October butadiene contracts settle in Europe

According to market sources, butadiene contracts were settled for October in Europe

  • 25.09.2017

September ACN contracts finalized in 3 split settlements in Europe

September ACN contracts were agreed with respective increases of €

  • 25.09.2017

Supply concerns mounting in Europe on transportation, logistics issues

A rail line in southern Germany was closed at the end of August due to a construction work near Karlsruhe, which has caused shipment disruptions, force majeure declarations to Italy and Switzerland and rising transportation fees in the industry. This has been followed by...

  • 25.09.2017

Oil tumbles, naphtha follows suit

WTI crude on NYMEX and Brent futures on ICE have both been trading below the $50/bbl threshold for the last three to four weeks. This is largely due to the recently exacerbated oversupply woes after...

  • 22.06.2017

Availability concerns for PVC fail to prevent discounts in Europe

Planned and unplanned production issues at some regional producers’ VCM and PVC plants failed to have a considerable impact on the PVC market in the face of buyers’ reluctance even though some sellers are still pushing for rollovers to limit...

  • 15.06.2017

835 record found.
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