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Common Turkey News

Local PP, HDPE and LDPE prices in Vietnam have resumed their firming path after a two-week break. Players pointed to firmer import offers as the main driver pushing the local market higher. LLDPE prices, on the other hand, have failed to catch up with the other products given ample overseas supplies.

  • 18.04.2019

Common Turkey News

April is only halfway through. However, players in Europe already started discussing the next ethylene contract as April is a shorter month due to Easter and bank holidays. Early expectations are that prices are likely to settle higher, with anticipated increase amounts ranging between €30/ton and €50/ton.

  • 17.04.2019

freight turkey


  • 23.10.2018

Common EN Sadece News Type - Territory Tagi

Common EN Sadece News Type - Territory Tagi

  • 22.10.2018

BREAKING NEWS: Turkish government announces new economic plan

The new economic plan, which sets out realistic macroeconomic goals and investment plans for the next three years, includes a comprehensive saving movement for a sustainable growth.

  • 20.09.2018

Türkiye’de, vergiye tabi hazır PVC için rekabetçi işlemler

Türkiye’de, vergiye tabi hazır PVC için rekabetçi işlemler

  • 19.07.2018

Türkiye’de, Hint malı PS zayıf alım ilgisi nedeniyle indirimle işlem gördü

Türkiye’de, PS oyuncuları değişken stiren fiyatları ve tatil öncesi durgunluk nedeniyle ticari faaliyetlerin...

  • 11.06.2018

Saudi major adopts different pricing policies for April PE across globe

A major Saudi Arabian producer approached global PE markets with different pricing policies for April as players in China, Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East confirmed. The producer announced its April PE prices to China with...

  • 03.04.2018

Saudi major approaches global PE markets with tightness-driven hikes

A Saudi Arabian major revealed its March PE offers to the main global markets with monthly increases, as players in China, Turkey and Egypt confirmed. The new round of hikes from the supplier were driven by..

  • 02.03.2018

US PVC preserves bullish trend amid slow demand across globe

Export PVC prices from the US have sustained their uptrend that kicked off in the second half of November in major global markets due to...

  • 01.03.2018

HDPE prices remain at two-and-a-half year high in Turkey

Turkey’s PE market has been on a bullish run for 3 months now while tight supplies have paved the way for larger increases in HDPE. According to the weekly average data from ChemOrbis Price Wizard, import HDPE prices are...

  • 21.02.2018

bu notification gelmemeli

bu notification gelmemeli

  • 01.10.2017

Turkey’s vehicle registrations decrease in Dec

Turkey’s vehicle registrations decrease in Dec

  • 16.02.2017

Turkey’s import PP, PE markets open January on upwards momentum

Import polyolefin prices in Turkey retained their bullish momentum this week as more suppliers approached the market with higher price goals for January. Rising PP and PE prices were already projected due to...

  • 06.01.2017

Market share of American PVC shrinks in Turkey, grows in China

According to ChemOrbis Import Statistics, American PVC has been losing its market share in Turkey since 2014 while imports of American PVC in China improved in 2016 contrary to the trend of the past four...

  • 02.01.2017

European PVC finds relief in Turkey after 12 weeks of firming

In Turkey, import PVC prices for European origins were firming up since early October due to reduced allocations from the region during the last quarter of 2016...

  • 29.12.2016

Turkey’s and SE Asia’s import LDPE markets at a record discount to China

Data from ChemOrbis Price Index reveals that both Turkey’s and Southeast Asia’s import LDPE markets have been traded significantly below import levels in China for the last couple of months. This is due to the fact that the Chinese market...

  • 12.12.2016

test turkey

test turkey

  • 09.11.2016

TEST-Turkey’s industrial output declines 3.8% in September

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, Turkey’s seasonally and calendar adjusted industrial production declined by 3.8% month over month in Septembe

  • 09.11.2016

turkey spvc

turkey spvc

  • 03.11.2016

Turkey’s polymer imports rise 20.6% on month in March

According to ChemOrbis Import Statistics, Turkey’s total polymer imports rose about 20.6% in March on a monthly basis to reach...

  • 04.05.2016

PP’s price gains outpace PE in Asia and Mid-East

Since the start of the upturn in mid-January in Asia and the beginning of February in the Middle East, both PP and PE prices have been rising constantly. However, the gains of PP prices have almost doubled that of PE in both regions, according to ChemOrbis Price Index...

  • 15.03.2016

Turkey’s Petkim raises PP and PE prices

According to distributors in Turkey, domestic producer Petkim raised its list prices for PP and PE today. The producer reportedly increased its prices by $...

  • 14.03.2016

Asian PS sees sharp hikes buoyed by higher styrene costs

PS producers from Asia issued new price hikes this week buoyed by higher spot styrene costs compared to the beginning of March. Players in China, Southeast Asia and Turkey report sharply higher prices. Apart from supportive costs they attribute the recent increases to restricted supplies...

  • 11.03.2016

Turkey’s road motor vehicle registrations fall 11.6% in Jan

According to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, the number of road motor vehicles registered to traffic reached a total of...

  • 10.03.2016

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